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Has been Captured & Curated For Sophisticated Female Entrepreneurs!

OUR GOAL Is to provide feminine brands the visual assets to create beautiful, successful and profitable brands by providing them with a constant flow of gorgeous images, videos and design templates. Helping you show up and stand out.
ULTIMTELY We’re here to help you work smarter not harder! Having great content to work with doesn’t have to come at the cost of your bank account, your sanity or your time.

Meet Annemarie


M&S CAME TO LIFE in 2020, but the dream really began years earlier. As a personal brand and commercial photographer, I was witness to the constant need for quality story telling images to strategically build a modern day business. Staying current on social is not an easy task!!, It was with this awareness, the dream of MAGNOLIA & SAGE STOCK was born
THE GOAL OF M&S is to help female entrepreneurs; look as professional and polished as they truly are, show up online with confidence, connect with their ideal clients, and achieve the level of success they’ve always dreamed of. The bonus – its affordable.

My photo
& art story began..

WHILE STUDYING design at ACAD in Calgary, Alberta. I had a creative ‘ah ha’ moment when I found a love for creating images with cameras. I’ve been a creator and entrepreneur ever since.
I’M TRULY THANKFUL that I get to exercise my artistic side for a living, its allowed me to overlap all of my life’s passions: raising my family, creating art, meeting amazing people like you.
If you ever have a question or want to share what you’ve been up to don’t hesitate to drop a note. I LOVE hearing from you.


We exist
to make your life easier!

Through NEW content added Regularly stock images, CANVA templates, DFY graphics, video clips.
We’ve got all the visuals to help elevate your brand into all it can be.

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I would love to connect, answer any questions about working with me privately as a brand expert and coach. I can help with; ‘Custom Design, Visual Brand Audit to Personal Brand Photography’, or pretty much anything photography or design related. Reach out – I’d love to chat!
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