‘Life Outdoors’

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve put together a collection of favourites from the Library. The imagery chosen is focused on – outdoors, summer and enjoying this beautiful planet of ours! With a few select images that simply showcase the beauty of nature. Hopefully the images will leave you inspired to go outside, plan an adventure, take up a new hobby and simply embrace the beauty of our planet.

Perfect for any industry, posting about personal growth, work life balance, how we spend our time when not working, favourite outdoor hobbies and sports. With a little bit of everything from reading on the dock at a cottage, paddle boarding at sunrise with your girlfriends to gardening.

The colour palette of the images will blend seamlessly into any feminine brand, they’re filled with blues, pinks, corals and hints of darker browns and deep blues for that punch of contrast we all need in our brands.


EARTH DAY – Life Outdoors, a Curated Collection

BE ENERGIZED – with this curated collection – EARTH DAY – Life Outdoors

Preview the complete collection below:

Lifestyle collections that coordinate well with EARTH DAY – curation‘ include:

NOURISH fruity breakfasts, FITNESS YOGA, Morning Rituals

Here’s to building your brand and growing your business!

Stay awesome!


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