Creating Video Content
Doesn’t have to be scary!

We all know that visual media has slowly but surely been taking a shift to include more video in our content.  In everything from our blog posts, intro videos on home pages to TIK TOK and REELS.. It’s even more apparent since the latest announcement from our friends over at Instagram rather than a photo sharing platform, from now on it’ll now favor video content. Cue panic!!

For those of us who aren’t comfortable being in front of the camera (hello – fellow introverts), and don’t have the time/resources to become the next Oscar winning director this may not the most exciting news. 

‘Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make,
but about the stories you tell.’

Seth Godin

Thankfully, there are so many ways to create engaging video content, which means that you don’t have to add ‘presenter/personality/actress’ to your growing list of entrepreneurial roles as a business owner.

The 1st way to creating simple video – Use STOCK video clips {like ours}

We’ve started created a library of stock video clips. The library we’re compiling is primarily collections of video clips that highlight daily actions that we can all relate to. Similar to our stock photos, just with a little bit of movement.

Using them is simple, wherever you normally use a still photo, simply pop in the video clip instead. To add your message overlay some type or music or your voice, then insert it into your post. If you want to get adventurous in your editing skill, you can either merge a few clips together, keep them a rolling loop with type overlays.

The easiest platform we’ve found to create simple videos, add overlays and audio is Canva. Give it a whirl – you might surprise yourself, remember to have fun and be creative.

Peek at a few of the stock video clips
we’ve got ready for you:

The first few collections all ready for you in the SHOP, For the members simply pop on over to the members area and follow the links to download them. We also have a few for you to take for a test drive. You can find them find them under the FREEBIES tab in the main menu.   

3 Simple Video Content / Creation Ideas:

1. Behind the Scenes, with LOOM
Show ‘how to’ type content, with a screen recording programs like LOOM. LOOM allows you to record the workflow while teaching your audience. You’re allowed to record up to 5 minute videos with the free version! Once their finished you can download the .MP4 and use it wherever you like.

2. A Day in the Life, using your phone camera
Take your audience with you on a typical day at work or at the office (even if it’s at home!) Using your phone, use the video to record your surroundings, literally by taking a walk with your phone. If you don’t want to talk, you can upload the video into Canva and add a text overlay. Explaining what your audience is viewing.

3. Create Videos in CANVA, using still photos
Those pretty sliders you make to share your story, you can animate them using CANVA. In CANVA you can either animate the whole slide deck or individual elements. {stay tuned for a tutorial on just this topic}

In  nutshell – keeping up with social media’s ever-changing algorithms can be hard work and actually pretty terrifying  especially if the idea of being in front of the camera makes you feel queasy.  Thankfully, there are lots of quick and easy ways to keep on top of these content changes, no acting or dancing lessons required.  Reach out if you have any questions, or suggestions for new content. 

Have fun creating your video content!!

Here’s to building your brand and growing your business,
​Stay awesome!


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