Let’s Explore The Versatility
of ‘ONE’ Stock Photo

Whether you collect your images from a freebie, a purchase or a membership plan, you can get 3, 4, maybe even 5 times the value of the cost of a single stock image!

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your images, literally create new images, with just a few graphic tips, from using overlays, brand colours, fonts, and a few editing tricks. Here’s how I created six different images from using just one stock photo:

The Original Stock Photo

From One Image → Create Six!

By using a variety of overlays, font options and brand colours with editing software like:
Canva, Adobe Photoshop… there are loads of free options as well as paid.
All fairly straight forward and easy to use.

Five Alternate Versions,
From A Similar Stock Photo

You can use Canva (by creating a photo grid the size you want and then inserting your photo and moving the image to where you want it to be) or you can use a free editing service such as befunky or paid software like Adobe photoshop.

Again using one of the two tools above, you can rotate the image and you may be surprised by how different the image feels simply by changing the angle. This comes down to the light now falling in a different way – it can be quite the impact! 

Rotating works best with flatlays as there’s no rules of gravity you’ll mess with. Magnolia & Sage members can filter by interchangeable images, which are designed to be rotated!

By zooming in on certain elements you can pick out some really strong isolated scenes that work super well on their own. Just be sure you use a large enough image file so the final result won’t be blurry. 

You can do this in Canva at the touch of a button and it almost magically creates a new image! Flipping the image gives you the edge over the majority of users who keep the image in the original layup.

Use a mix of all four methods! With most flatlays, more often than not you should be able to rotate, flip, crop and zoom a variety of images, with lifestyle / non-flatlays you should still be able to flip, crop and rotate to create a completely different looking image!

The Benefits of Using a Collection of Photos:

One last tip for the day – More often than not if your collecting freebies, buying images from smaller boutique shops a single image is often sold within a collection, similarly membership sites like Magnolia & Sage, often launch new content as collections. The images come as a set usually with a theme, and similar look and feel. When you use images with a cohesive look and feel throughout all your social media content and website etc.. ultimately you are creating a stronger more recognizable brand, and hey isn’t that the goal!!

The Main Benefits:

• The images will have a cohesive look and feel, therefor they work much harder for your brand

• It makes the stock images way better value for money

• You can create cohesive looking marketing campaigns and social media feeds

• It gives you more to talk about on a certain topic

• Or it let’s you spread out your conversation on that topic over several posts or emails without using the exact same image

• It’s super easy to do, and the tools required are free!  If you don’t already use Canva you should check it out.  The free version offers loads of solutions to working with your images and creating content for all your social, web and print materials.

I hope these tips help you create outstanding graphics and will find you more confident in adding your brand elements to boutique stock photos. Have fun creating!!

Here’s to building your brand and growing your business!!

Stay awesome!


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